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Welcome to the long awaited second episode of What is Real?! We’ve located the long lost tape! We found the recording of our latest patient. It wasn’t my fault I smashed the tape to pieces! Just be happy that I was able to recover the audio at all.

In this recording we speak with Mario Gibney. We learn from his experience with psychedelics and get his insight into best practices with their usage.

Psychedelics have been used for centuries across many different cultures for various reasons. They are extremely powerful pathways to radical self discovery and change. We explore the basics of psychedelic usage and the pitfalls involved.

We invite you to do your own research. There are mental health ramifications associated with psychedelic usage. These drugs are serious business and should not be taken carelessly.

Check your local laws before taking any psychedelics. We are not going to tell you to break the law. Make your own calculations and take your own risks. We aren’t your parents though.

Links are listed below to get you started on that research rabbithole! ❤️

0:00 - Start
2:32 - Defining “Drugs”
4:54 - Legality in Canada
6:08 - Mario’s Intro to “Drugs”
10:10 - Defining Ayahuasca
13:15 - Ayahuasca Experience
16:24 - Mushroom Experience, Ego Death
18:09 - Harm Reduction Tips
22:22 - Set and Setting
23:59 - Meditation
27:29 - Mario’s Biggest Insight
28:43 - Is there a bad age to start?
30:14 - MDMA
32:45 -  Ketamine in Medicine
34:40 - Drug Decriminalization
39:44 - Who weed for?
41:01 - Edibles
41:50 - Microdosing
42:56 - Caveats
43:41- The Lighting Network Tangent
46:36 - Teachers and Teaching/Learning
49:30 - Why Bitcoiner’s Bitcoin
50:54 - Future hype

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Further Research:

Chasing the Scream - Mario’s Recommended Book:

Resource for Education on various psychoactive substances -

Dr. Gabor Maté, Recommended Reading -

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