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Welcome to the long awaited third episode of What is Real podcast. We’ve found another tape lodged behind the old meat refrigerator down in the basement! This damaged tape, this recording is of Gigi. Gigi was a curious creature that we lured, er uh… invited onto our podcast.

We explore the nature of reality with Gigi. Before the end, he provided very insightful dialogue to our misunderstandings with reality itself. Would you kindly listen to this podcast?

0:00 - Intro and Opening
2:22 - Donald Hoffman - Reality as an Interface
11:45 - The Traveller (Star Trek TNG)
15:09 - Corpus Callosum
24:11 - Something from Nothing?
32:45 - Conway’s Game of Life
36:57 - Quantum Mechanics
44:43 - Information Theory vs Conscience Agent Theory
50:32 - Can machines become conscious?
55:53 - Quantum Immortality
1:00:33 - Radical Life Extension
1:07:07 - Local Reversing of Entropy
1:11:24 - Bitcoin Part
1:16:48 - The Future of Humanity

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